While he was studying at the conservatory of Tilburg, he eventually decided that teaching kids music as a primary school teacher was his real call.

Born and raised in the small town of Oisterwijk, Jeroen is the newest and also youngest member of JazzWerk. Like many others, Jeroen's first experience with music was at the local town orchestra. Soon it became clear this boy had a talent when playing the saxophone. After highschool, he decided to do the prior education at the Conservatory in Tilburg.

Jeroen followed courses for more than three years and eventually decided that he wanted to become a teacher to be able to teach kids more about music.​According to Jeroen, music helps to unite kids and to bring a nice mood during lessons. Every year he provides unforgettable experiences for the kids in his class by recording their songs on video.  Jeroen honnestly feels honoured to contribute in the development of these kids.  

"For a long time, I have been playing in a big band. While I have learned many new songs, I was always missing the challenge to play freely and discover new melodies on my own. I have found this challenge in JazzWerk. Whatever solo I am playing, I can always rely on my fellow JazzWerk members, which gives me the confidence to get the best out of each song!"

Saxophone Jeroen Schouten