Subtle drumming is a rare skill, but Lynyrd Denissen is an absolute master in it. Throughout his jazzwork, he provides the drumming with commitment and soul to every beat.

At a young age, Lynyrd built his own drum kit from pots and pans. At that moment, it became clear to his parents that Lynyrd was destined to become a drummer.

At his 9th birthday, Lynyrd started with drumming lessons. His skills where quickly noted and he was asked to participate in the orchestra. Besides this, Lynyrd became active in various bands. One of these bands, Northern Lights enjoyed reasonable success, performing abroad and on festivals such as  Parkfeest and Festyland. Highlight was playing in the Dutch studio of 3FM.

Lynyrd started his professional career in 2013, where he followed classes from amongst others Ren Creemers and Artur Leijten. Besides all regular classes he also followed special classes from Hans van Oosterhout on the Conservatory of Tilburg. Lynyrd graduated in 2017, with a grade no less than 9 out of 10.

"This jazz formation gives the ability to adjust to each other and because of its small size, everyone's role is essential for the whole sound." According to Lynyrd, a spontaneous way of communicating arises when JazzWerk is playing; one that is absolutely amazing to witness!

Drums Lynyrd Denissen