Tobias' upright bass playing adds another dimension to JazzWerk. Naturally, the bassplayer's role is to lay the musical foundation, which the other instruments can use to improvise upon. Tobias however, does not refrain from soloing either, not leaving a single spot on his bass untouched.

Tobias grew up in a musical family. As such, it came as no surprise when he decided to pick up the upright-bass at the age of 7. With his length as a practical problem, a solution was found in a wooden box, which was used as a stepping-stone. It turned out a success, and after some years, `cuteness' was replaced by real skills.

Tobias auditioned for entertainment company Arjan van Dijk, and served as musician during the gypsy/medieval theme shows. He played in several other configurations, which led to the discovery of Miles Davis' work. Gypsy scales were traded for absolute freedom with JazzWerk.

"It is a privilege to be able to play with these talented musicians. You give and take while playing Autumn Leaves and before you know it; you end up in the turbo version of So What!"

Upright Bass Tobias Ouwerkerk