With the addition of saxophone player Jeroen Schouten, the JazzWerk formation is finally completed. With pride we present to you our newest EP, called Introducing. Please enjoy our new and fresh track Georgia On My Mind.

"As the newest member of JazzWerk I proudly present to you our version of Georgia On My Mind. The way how we make music and interact as JazzWerk is awesome and it provides me with energy to make every performance special!"

- Jeroen Schouten
Georgia On My Mind Hoagy Carmichael & Stuart Gorrell

Are you already planning your perfect spring or summer event for 2019? JazzWerk would love to help you making the event an amazing experience!

My name is Joost Kraaijeveld, pianist and organiser of JazzWerk. With the experience of more than 250 live performances for a large amount of different customers, I know how to help you getting the right ambience for your event. Feel free to contact me via this link.

Party time? Contact JazzWerk!

With over 100 gigs, playing for many corporates, the most wonderful of weddings, and Dutch Parliament, JazzWerk is tried and tested.  Now, Royal audience is added this phenomenal list!

On the 4th of April JazzWerk got the honour to play at the NAF gala 2019, which was held in the Pieterskerk (church) in Leiden.
Amongst others, her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands joined the gala as well. It was a very special experience that we will remember for long.


JazzWerk playing for Royal guests!

Written in the sixties and eventually performed in many different versions by many different bands. With that, Watermelon Man is the best opportunity for JazzWerk to make something new out of it. The tune starts as a smooth blues, from which drums and upright bass support its feel and together with the saxophone extending the tune to an almost unstoppable train.

"The real groove in this track comes from the upright bass. The short notes are as equally important as the moments of silence between these notes."

- Tobias Ouwerkerk
Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock

"These are a few of my favourite things" that is what Lynyrd said when JazzWerk was recording My Favourite Things. The version of JazzWerk can be characterized as rather unique, since it deviates from the original order, but also on dynamics and melodies. 

"The moment that I get a chance to open a song on my own and to determine the feel of the complete song as drummer is rather unique. I am very satisfied about our recording and looking forward to perform this track in front of the audience as well!"

- Lynyrd Denissen
My Favourite Things Rodgers and Hammerstein

JazzWerk is playing a song from Alicia Keys? Yes, you read it well! JazzWerk truly has a big variety of songs for you available. Get surprised by jazz and soul sounds in our newest track called If I Ain't got you.

"This song is known for its soul sound and with that it is much different from all the other songs that we are playing. From my view it actually shows how much variety in songs we can offer to our clients."

- Jeroen Schouten
If I Ain't got you Alicia Keys
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